Un!te Anti-Fascist Festival

09.-10. 09. 2022 @ Kochareal Zureich

In addition to war, ecological crisis, racism and the impoverishment of the masses,

we are witnessing the increasing empowerment of right-wing forces who call for racist,

patriarchial and environmentally destructive policies targeting

and often also dividing left-wing and radical struggles.

History has painfully taught us that this is what colonial,

fascist and various racist and patriarchal movements can lead to.

More than ever, we need to reflect on our positions in capitalist and colonial histories

and the ties that generated not just our wealth and privileges,

but also our exploitative banking and deadly weapon industry,

our prison and migration system.

Forceful deportation and imprisonment of migrants is an everyday institutional

act hidden and ignored by the dominant groups of society.

Hardly any other country has more deportation agreements than Switzerland

leading to harm, violence and death.

Too many people such as Hervé Mandundu, Lamin Fatty and Nzoy Roger were killed

by police and border guards and beaten up by Securitas.

While societal and political cleavages are used to divide us,

we highlight the need to share space,

come together and listen to each other and learn from our different

political and social struggles.

We see united struggles as vital in our common fight against structural oppression,

institutional violence, and everyday hate.

We also believe that changing society needs to come from below

through joining forces and practicing allyship with marginalized struggles near and far.

This also means taking seriously movements and demands

of LGBTIQ+, women, Black people and people of color

who suffer disproportionately from individual and institutional violence as,

for example, the Black Lives Matter movement and the collective ni una menos have shown.

This fight against the patriarchy is more important than ever and

becomes apparent when looking at the US and its supreme Court.

These forces go hand-in-hand with the demands to militarize states

and increase funding for police that violate, imprison and kill people.

Let’s fight such oppressions by uniting forces

and making a step towards reimagining a common future together.

Let’s connect, dance and discuss. With this festival, we aim to unite antifascist,

anticapitalist and antiracist groups in our fight against right-wing, racist,

(neo)colonial and capitalist forces.

Acknowledging the complexity of the positions, struggles and various financial resources of political groups,

we will learn how we can support each other and be in solidarity with various struggles.

For the very last time, this festival takes place at the occupied Kochareal:

an organizing and non-commercial cultural space for alternative and autonomous movements.

It is the biggest squat in Switzerland, which will be evicted at the end of the year.

The space, as well as the festival itself, relies entirely on volunteer and activist work.

The variety of political music, ciphers, theater, films,

campaigns and spaces will give insights into a variety of current struggles

and show ways how we can show solidarity.

All money will go to the following political campaigns:

Justice4Nzoy, Food Not Bombs – Solidarity With Myanmar, Coordinadora 18 De Octubre and Genova Antifascista.

The UN!TE Festival will take place in the context of an anti-racist September,

together with the protest march «racism kills – justice4nzoy and the ENOUGH Action Days

from September 14 to 18.

The festival is non-commercial, that means everyone works voluntarily and without pay.

Let’s unite!

We raise money for projects that oppose fascism and oppression and lead the struggle for a liberated society. This year all proceeds go to projects in Switzerland, Italy, Myanmar and Chile… more HERE